Specialising in bespoke renovations and new luxury homes, the goal of our boutique business is to help you realise your dreams of architect-designed, cutting-edge living.

We would like to extensively renovate our home in a way that complements our family’s needs. We have been considering what elements we desire but don’t have anything written down. How do we move forward from here?

We can meet to discuss your requirements and then put you in touch with the right architect who will be able to perfectly reflect your style and vision. Alongside this process we also engage town planners, surveyors, structural and hydraulic engineers, and interior designers to complement the architect’s plans and your site.

I am worried about spending lots of money to build and then experiencing structural problems down the track. How do I protect my financial well-being?

Your builder should offer an iron-clad guarantee but be aware that not all guarantees are created equal. LM Projects has access to a superior six-year residential building guarantee – one of the best in the market. If you renovate with an approved builder, coverage is available. If within that timeframe something happens to your builder, the guarantee still stands. If you sell within six years, then the new owner will have access to the guarantee.

I am extremely busy with my own career – too busy to be contacting my builder every day to see what progress is occurring. Do you provide any special services to help people like me?

One of the biggest problems with our industry is job over runs in budget and time where corners are cut to make deadlines. With our comprehensive project management software and on-site systems, we will always have up to date information for you. Furthermore, we believe that nothing beats the human touch. Either Lloyd or one of our experienced foremen will actively communicate with you every step of the way.


Once you’ve contacted us, we will organise to meet at your home. This is an outstanding opportunity for you to lay out every design dream, practical need and lifestyle requirement to us. We will work through this with you and offer expert advice on how we can achieve this for you. From this point we can organise the following:

Architects, engineers and surveyors.

A comprehensive project estimate.

A Master Builders contract.

A project summary for an easy-to-read overview.